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This is me. I've included my family, my art and friends, people and places to visit. You can Join My trading postal art group by clicking on an Art4Mail button where ever you see one. come join the fun, join the journey, I can assure you it will be fun and rewarding. Smile everyday, kiss someone one on the cheek, pass on nice compliments to others and you will reap the rewards of giving joy to others. Hugs to all who read this and May my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Bless you.
Lisa Maria Alff

Monday, June 3, 2013

This me and Ember, my baby is blind and deaf. She is also getting very old, she will be 16
Oct 27th.  poor Ember is now suffering from pain and takes meds that really help her. She is also losing her sense of smell, so she has a hard time keeping her self in the position to eat. We direct her and it works out fine so far. I feel so bad for my Emmy. I love her so much and she is the only dog I have ever had. She has been a wonderful dog and I love her to pieces. We will do all we can to keep her comfortable....
 Me and Emmy
 this is our Pip, he is a trip and a half. this cat is so funny. My daughter has started calling him beezal after the cat on YouTube. Hilarious......he is enjoying a new toy toy. We have discovered over time to only let the kitties play for a toy for a few days then take it away and let them play with something else, it works to keep them interested.... notice how Pip is laying on 2 of the same toy, they are toy hogs for real. They love to occupy things and not let the others play. that is too darn funny. just like children.....LOL
 this is bud, he is still doing fine ofter his eye removal. He is outside and still catches his pray, although he is not as motivated to do so because he is older.. he is a cutie.
This is one of my camilla flowers, they look much like a rose but are not. They bloom on our winter and are simply gorgeous. I love them. 

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