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Lisa Maria Alff

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2013 at my sister Lynda's house. She lives in Richmond VA and my other sister, Liz with red coat also lives in Richmond. Lynda's house was all decorated for Christmas when we got there so everyone could see her house all decked out. Her house is gorgeous and new to boot, the decorations were an added bonus. We had a wonderful time as we usually do when we all get together. 

Liz and Lynda

Liz and me

Lynda and me

Roccie is Lynda's husband. He can be a funny dude too. Between him and Ted it is constant laughter 

of course this is my handsome honey Ted...he is a cutie pie and loves to make people laugh. He has always been a fun husband.

Now here is Les, he is the one to get the other going, They love to all pick on each other. They are all a riot. and not a force to be reckoned with. All of them are great guys and us sisters did a great job choosing our husbands....

This is Lynda's Christmas tree. She is very meticulous about how it is decorated. Believe me you do not touch or move a thing. Ask me how I know....LOL too funny.  

The master cook is busy mashing potatoes. She is a wonderful cook as all of us girls are. Mom did us proud. Lynda is also an awesome baker. YUMMY 

Somebody is getting hungary. These babes are Liz and Les's children. Brian is at the end of the table and his girl friend Simone is in the blue top with long gorgeous hair. Gin is the girl one the corner next to Brian with the striped shirt and next to Gin on the other side is a friend of hers, not boy friend.. 

This is the clan waiting for me to take pic so we can eat....hum what else can i do to make them wait. he he ha ha

Gin and her mom Liz

Gin with me her aunt and her mom. She is a cutie and good girl.

Liz and her son Brian, handsome dude. has a great job working for the House of Delegates in Richmond and makes great money for his age.. He is one smart cookie.

See here is Roccie messing with Lynda. I was trying to take their pic and he just grabbed her as quick as a rabbit. She took it very well and was laughing hysterically. 

Oh goodness I hate my picture being taken since I put so much of the weight I lost back on. So depressing. ARG But my cheerful hubby still loves me, just more to love. 

Just fooling around, the two chubbies trying to hide behind their skinny butt sister... 

This is my daughter Ashlee whom I love so very much with her boyfriend. They were not with us because they had to stay back to take care of our 7 fur babies. She is so to us helping when we have to go away. She is a fun person just like her dad...

Just some of our cute back yard buddies

Summer 2013

Ted and his mom on her front porch.

our house in 2013 the entire outside was redone, siding roof, windows, insulation in attic area and the garage was remodeled into my new studio. Where you see the garage door that was removed and a door was put in with a window in the side along with the walls. Also gutters. That was a very busy spring and early summer.....

Just a lot of my flowers and a few from when we went to Upsate New York. I have several different colors of azaleas,

These flowers were from Upstate New York, these tulips were at the Albany Air Port

                                              these were from Ted's mom yard.