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Lisa Maria Alff

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Purse for sale in my Etsy Shop

This was a lot of fun to make. the heart came from Chain of Hearts and Maureen Bond is the maker. I made the purse and embellishments. Lined with satin, wooden handles. Very pretty purse....

I have been collecting vintage planters and using them to put plants in and also pin cushions.....


Friday, January 3, 2014

I just fell in love with my new door wreath made by Harriett Creech, awesome artist, quilter and who else knows what secrete arts she can do. This Wreath is huge. Very well made and will be my wreath for the next few years. Thank you Harriett so much for bringing good tiding to my entrance of the house...

Our Cute Little Squirrels eating the Nut from our huge Hickory nut tree.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ashlee's kitty Leo

 Leo is a cutie, he has some really unique patterns, he looks like he may have been a cross between a Savanah and a regular house cat. Beautiful coat.... and he is spoiled rotten...
 Leo is sleepy.
 he is only 5 months old at most and is almost full grown, well as full grown as a house cat, how much bigger will he get....LOL

More sleeping Babies...
 this is Alice, she is our small kitty and does not get a whole bunch of pictures, she is sweet as pie except if you try to hold her against her will....LOL she has a big growl....LOL  she loves to sit on top of my sewing machine when I am sewing...

 Buddy in one of my handmade baskets, he tries to fit in things that are way to small for his patooty...
 here he is again.
 Here is Big Bud with one eye and Pip taking a nap in dad's chair... Big Bud had an eye injury and had to have it removed, he is no worse off in spite of it either. He still catches birds, mice, squirrels and rabbits.. yukky I get so mad at him.
Alice again..

Let Sleeping Kitties Lie 
 This Greyson Louis, I know you think he is cute!!!! This is the poor kitty who kept getting urinary track infections that caused him to have to be catheterized, this kept happening so the Vet advised us to have his penis removed which worked like a charm, he is now more like female kitty. He is doing great. 

this is our Pip, and he lives up to his name, this cat wants to knead my face!!!!! he is so so sweet.

 Of course here is Zoey, saying "just let me nap please"

 Greyson again.......
 Little Buddy, Bear Bear, he is huge, our biggest kitty, bigger then his mom and dad......

 Zoey decided to move to the couch....LOL
 Here is she is again
 Pip in his daddy's chair.....
Fanny sleeping in dad's chair, she loves to mush her face in the back of the seat....LOL

Monday, December 2, 2013

We love Our Kitties

Of course Bear Bear is the baby, look who always gets held onto...
 Daddy and his BearBear
 Zoey, Bear's mom
Pip, he is a big big lover. and he gives Eskimo kisses. He is so cute

Daddy with his buddy, they are always together.... bear loves his daddy....

Thursday, October 24, 2013


In Loving Memory of our Precious Dog Ember 

Ember was born 10/28/1998 she passed 10/17/2013 almost 16 years old.


This picture is of Ember when she was about 6 years old. She was so pretty, she was lovable and loved everyone. We always said if anyone broke in to steal stuff she would be the one to help them carry it out......LOL She had a great personality. She loved cats because she grew up with many of them. Our Cats miss her too.

These next set of pictures are taken with in a month or 2 of her last days. She would always be cold and shiver...


We love Ember so much and it is still so painful to think she is gone and we will not see her again for a while. We do have her in our hearts and there she will stay, safely tucked away never to hurt any more. I can just picture her running and romping around again and has got her hearing and eye site back. I can imagine the colors in heaven are so much more vivid than what we see here. Bye bye honey and we feel you in our hearts everyday. You bring lots of smiles when we think of the funny things you did.... You are a sweet baby.. love you darling baby, mom and dad.....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

More of my flowers, I love my gardenias, they smell sooooo good!

This is s our princess Zoey, bear bears mommy... She was a good mother at only 7 months old.

This I a gorgeous trumpet vine, I have always wanted one but never did. 2 summers ago walaa there was one growing in he corner of our fence. How beautiful.

Bear Bear loves to lay by Ember as if he is watching over her. She has just been diagnosed with cancer and the tumor is about the size of ping pong ball. She is too old for surgery, we are letting her just live quality of life instead of sick from chemo, she has pain in her hips and that is how the vet found it on xray.  Don't you just love how Bear "little buddy" lays with his back feet straight out behind him. He lays like that a lot...too cute

Some of my pretty flowers. God is good!