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Lisa Maria Alff

Friday, March 30, 2012

My husband and Larry

Ted and Larry are step brothers but you would never know, they are just like 2 very close brothers. they have reconnected after many years of just busy time slipping away and not living close. It is so nice to see a brotherhood rekindled and they are like glue now. They both are just so elated that they have been given this chance and plan on doing many things together now and in the future. When God says that good always comes out of something bad he has been faithful and just to prove that in this case.
Ted and Larry have been talking almost every day on the phone since their Dad died and they into the assisted living home. Sometimes we let our busy life styles get in the way of staying in touch with those we love. i wish all of us could keep this in our minds and remember what is important to us. We should all stay close to family because you never know when your life can be taken from you. I really enjoyed watching them as their new relationship with each other took over. The excitement that both of them showed was very refreshing as they took on a new life to enclud each other. They were like children in a candy shop.... to top it off Larry has a wonderful family with his wife Dion and their children Henry and Charlie, and the older boys Mat and Justin. Very nice family.....

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Judy said...

You are so right, Lisa. Time past can't be regained and the most important things on this earth can't be bought. Our relationships with others are all important. I'm glad the brothers have reconnected. oxo Judy