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Lisa Maria Alff

Saturday, May 28, 2011

WOW it's the Family 14 days later

Here they are family pictures, Mom Zo Zo, Dad Pip, and baby Smeesher Bear. His tiny little eyes statred to appear 3 days ago, he is getting bigger everyday and is likeing the feeling of human touch until Mom hears and then it is back to the nursery box. She will try to take him right our of your hands. Once you put him back Zo Zo has to clean all the human germs off and make him fresh and clean. I just love to kiss and kiss and Kiss this tiny little creation from our wonderous Lord above. One of the best of God's gifts are the tiny living little creatures that beautify the earth with each breath they take, babies oh how darling....

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Anonymous said...

Kittens are so lovely, and so funny as they grow up.