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Lisa Maria Alff

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pip and Smigit

Both babies are finally back to health thanks to our precious Veterinary Marie Burris, She works for Dr Dean, owner of Southern Oaks in Hope Mills and Cypress Lakes Vet Clinic in Grays Creek. They are all the best!!! but these 2 clinics are worth every penny for the best care you will ever find. Both babies have herpes, I did not know they could get that, not transferred to humans but they are both better, to top it off Smigit had bartonella, her lymph nodes were the size of golf balls, and she went on a human medication that I had to purchase from a Pharmacy, it is a six week treatment and she has 3 more weeks to go. The great news is the lymph nodes are back to normal size so much so I can't even find them now. I was so afraid she had cancer but My vet Marie Burris knew what she was doing..
Marie has been there through thick and thin, she is the one who had to put to sleep Haley and Theo (you will find Theo sitting in Ted's chair watching the football game, he was only a baby himself at just 2 years old) . She sent my daughter a gift each time to show her concern and empathy for Ashlee) both of those kitties were Ashlee's . Thank you Dr Burris!!!!! We love you. Now Pip and Smigit have brightened up this dreary house with their antics and spritefullness (I made up this new word for kitties who love to play and tackle on another......
Pip and Smith

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