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Friday, December 5, 2008

Bud after eye removal

this is our dear cat Bud who was savagely attacked by some person around our neighborhood. He can home about and hour after being let outside and had blood running down his cheek, it was coming from his eye, we rushed him to the Emergency vet clinic and they said he was okay but definatley needed follow up with his regualer vet. The next morning we took him to our vet Southern Oaks Animal Hospital and after going under anthesia it was decided it was better to remove the eye due to the irreversable damage. they said at both clinics that this was probably done by the hands of a person, another animal was not strong enough to do that kind of damage and it was not done by a car becasue he had no other marks on his body, it was a direct eye hit.
I can happily say say that Bud is doing well although he is not happy about staying inside. It has been alittle over a month and he is still crying at the door to go out. Hopefully we can train him to stay in as he is an outdoors cat. the only time Bud ever came in was to eat then out he woudl go, he used to be a wild cat until my husband tamed him as a kitten.
since Buds injury we have adopted a new kitten and she is the light of his life, in the morning they run up and down the hallway like it is the raceway, he is a huge a cat and sounds like a horse galloping through and Alice just loves the chase. Oh well there goes my beauty sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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